Otaku heaven "Mandarake" in Nakano broadway!

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 I wrote one article last week and saved as an draft.. but it`s gone somewhere.. And I totally forgot what did I wrote So I will write another one.

It`s been 9th year for our YADOYA Guesthouse on this April and we`ve been  having many kinds of guests from all over the world.

Everyone has different reason to visit Tokyo or Japan.
Normally, people are interested in Japanese traditional culture.
But at the same time, many of people are interested in Japanese new sub-culture like Manga or Anime.

Our guesthouse is located in Nakano, and there is very famous and popular spot called  "Mandarake" in Nakano Broadway. So many of Otaku people go there and enjoy a lot. I believe it is wonderful place for people likes Anime or Manga and maybe games. Some of our guests are go there very often or almost everyday.
Nakano broadway is famous because of Mandarake, but there are other interesting shops and things. So I will try to write more about Nakano broadway next time!

why don`t you go to Nakano broadway when you come to Nakano!

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