Ome Taisai Festival

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 It was a very interesting festivel! We were arrive Ome station around 3:30PM. Ome station is a small station, too much people wants to join this festival as same as us, so it's a little bit hard to get out from the station.

There were lots of stands out of the station, not only food stands, but also some games and toys stands. I bought some food, like Takoyaki, Fried Chicken, a stick of pineapple, ... etc. So yummy!!!  

The Festival start from 4PM till 8PM. It's like below's photo!
Ome Taisai Festival

I don't know what are they doing!?
But looks like a small competition...
Ome Taisai Festival

They play about 1 hour, then they move to the other place. It's kind of a show! After they move to other place, I just walk around this area... Also, I notice that all the decoration in Ome are in OLD style!!! Inside the station, the streets, and the shops... Amazing!!! But I love that!!!

It's my first time to visit Ome city!
People are so nice and so friendly, I had a great time there!


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