Japanese people go to the Shrine for new year's day. Usually, we go there to pray to have a good days for new year. We would like to take you to Mitake Shrine which is located on the Mt. Mitake. There is a very nice view where we can see Kanto area and we will have Onsen on the Mountain which is in old Ryokan famous in Mitake.

And our friend, Mr. Yoshimura, who invite us to his house which is very old style Japanese house. We will spend the time with having Sake and food, and you can feel an atmospher of Japanese countryside.

Interesting!? Then, please come to join us! You will get more experience here! If you would like to join our trip, please tell us! We won't want someone get lost, and couldn't find us... 


We are preparing the New Year's Dishes, what we usually eat on the 1st day of New Year!

Wanna have an experience of Japanese style New Year? Please come to join us!


I cannot believe it`s already the end of 2010 and Christmas will be soon!!
It was just soooo busy year, we did renovation a lot for YADO cafe and YADOYA guesthouse for Backpackers : almost whole year.

We all are very tired of doing the carpenter work so much, but we are happy to have nice new cozy little hostel at the same time. It`s kind of hand made, so we love it so much now.

And now, we can have a Christmas party at the end.
I am looking forward to having a nice time with our guest and enjoy the Christmas night.

Also Merry Christmas for every friend and everyone!!!



It was too hot and busy summer for us this year 2010. But at the same time, it`s also memorial year for us since we`ve opened new hostel "YADOYA Guesthouse for Back packers".

We start renovating the building from the end of June. We asked professional people some part which is difficult like toilet or shower and also the part which we have to follow the government rule like fire department.

But we did almost by ourselves the part which we can do.
In Tokyo, especially  in west side of Tokyo, it`s very expensive to have the guesthouse. Sometimes it`s almost double costs. But at the same time, we believe the west side of Tokyo is good and convenient for many tourist. And also we would like to introduce Nakano area which is the area our guesthouses are located in.

Many things are handmade at our hostel. The reason is we would like many people could come and stay in Tokyo with reasonable prices.

We hope people who like this kind of concept will come and stay at our guesthouse with us and enjoy their travel.

Please check our new hostel website:

Light Up

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I had a dinner with my friends in Shinjuku last nihgt, and I saw these beautiful decorations near JR Shinjuku Station(from the East Exit of the station).

Here is one of all the pictures what I took!


Also, you can find more Light Up decorations in Japan right now!

All the beautiful things are for the Christmas Day.

Trust me, you will like it!


YADOYA Guesthouse Tokyo 
One of the cheapest guesthouse in central Tokyo.
Please check our website for more details:

It`s raining!!

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It`s raining in Tokyo today. I think it`s been so long time to have rain this summer. So I felt it`s nice!!

But at the same time, now we are doing renovation and we could not open the window since it`s raining. So the room was very humid and it makes us so tired.

One of our volunteer staff "Ken" is going to NZ next week and it was last day for him to help us our hard work yesterday. We had little party after work last night and all of us felt that we are little bit missing him. He was really working hard with us and having good time together. We really appreciate his work and also friendship!!

We all hope you enjoy your life in NZ from next week Ken!!
Thank you soooo much!!

Our renovation life will be continue for little while...


YADOYA Guesthouse Tokyo 
One of the cheapest guesthouse in central Tokyo.
Please check our website for more details:

Hello everybody~
Welcome to YADOYA.
Nice to meet you in Yadoya Guest House.
My name is Winny,
I come from Taiwan.
I love Taiwan.
Right now trying to love TOKYO.


BY Winny 2010 .08.27


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 It`s super hot and Humid this summer in Tokyo

And we haven`t been able to up date this blog long time since we are doing the renovating the house now in this crazy weather every single day. We are almost dying but we are trying very hard.

We also have some volunteers to help us. We are very appreciate that!  It`s difficult to do this kind of physical work as an volunteer in this weather. 
Thank you so much every one

We hope we can report about the renovation soon here!

Mari/YADOYA Guesthouse

YADOYA Guesthouse Tokyo 
One of the cheapest guesthouse in central Tokyo.
Please check our website for more details:


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I had a wonderful dinner with some YADOYA Guesthouse's guests and some staff in Nakano area yesterday! We made Okonomiyaki and we ate it!

These two girls are from Germany. One of them try to make one, the other guy is from the restaurant, he makes one as simple for us!

LOOK! Can you guess, which one is from the restaurant's staff!? Which one is from us!?

After Okonomiyaki, we also had some patatos and yakisoba! Of course ALL by ourselves!

YADOYA Guesthouse Tokyo 
One of the cheapest guesthouse in central Tokyo.
Please check our website for more details:

I went to another festival with the other people, whom also live in YADOYA Guesthouse. This festival is a local festival, more smaller then others. But a little bit crowded there...

From this photo, you can see they had a small stage in the middle.

Should be two more people in this photo, but we took this one after they leave... They are tired, so back to our house... LOOK! We bought some food from the food stand, and some beers from convenience store.SuzushiroA

After the festivel, we went to Shinjuku to meet the other guy. We try to find a cheap place for drinking, but really hard to find one... Almost full of people in the Shinjuku's restaurants... In the same time, these guys saw a place with all you can drink... We just go inside, then start to order...

I took the last train with one of them to back home, the other three, I have no idea about the time when they came back... The only one I know is they walk from Shinjuku to our home... haha~

YADOYA Guesthouse Tokyo 
One of the cheapest guesthouse in central Tokyo.
Please check our website for more details:


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