YADOYA Guesthouse for Backpackers New open

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It was too hot and busy summer for us this year 2010. But at the same time, it`s also memorial year for us since we`ve opened new hostel "YADOYA Guesthouse for Back packers".

We start renovating the building from the end of June. We asked professional people some part which is difficult like toilet or shower and also the part which we have to follow the government rule like fire department.

But we did almost by ourselves the part which we can do.
In Tokyo, especially  in west side of Tokyo, it`s very expensive to have the guesthouse. Sometimes it`s almost double costs. But at the same time, we believe the west side of Tokyo is good and convenient for many tourist. And also we would like to introduce Nakano area which is the area our guesthouses are located in.

Many things are handmade at our hostel. The reason is we would like many people could come and stay in Tokyo with reasonable prices.

We hope people who like this kind of concept will come and stay at our guesthouse with us and enjoy their travel.

Please check our new hostel website:


トラックバックURL: http://staff.cheap-accommodation-tokyo.com/mt-tb.cgi/85



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