2011 New Year Event: One day trip to Mitake!

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Japanese people go to the Shrine for new year's day. Usually, we go there to pray to have a good days for new year. We would like to take you to Mitake Shrine which is located on the Mt. Mitake. There is a very nice view where we can see Kanto area and we will have Onsen on the Mountain which is in old Ryokan famous in Mitake.

And our friend, Mr. Yoshimura, who invite us to his house which is very old style Japanese house. We will spend the time with having Sake and food, and you can feel an atmospher of Japanese countryside.

Interesting!? Then, please come to join us! You will get more experience here! If you would like to join our trip, please tell us! We won't want someone get lost, and couldn't find us... 



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