Suzushiro Branch's half day trip!

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I went to another festival with the other people, whom also live in YADOYA Guesthouse. This festival is a local festival, more smaller then others. But a little bit crowded there...

From this photo, you can see they had a small stage in the middle.

Should be two more people in this photo, but we took this one after they leave... They are tired, so back to our house... LOOK! We bought some food from the food stand, and some beers from convenience store.SuzushiroA

After the festivel, we went to Shinjuku to meet the other guy. We try to find a cheap place for drinking, but really hard to find one... Almost full of people in the Shinjuku's restaurants... In the same time, these guys saw a place with all you can drink... We just go inside, then start to order...

I took the last train with one of them to back home, the other three, I have no idea about the time when they came back... The only one I know is they walk from Shinjuku to our home... haha~

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