To 7 or not to 7

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 Lately I have been considering to make the move to Windows 7, Microsoft's new flagship OS. It new and shiny and good, or so the critics say.

Normally I would wait a while until the dust is settled and Microsoft releases many bug fixes for their obviously flawed products.
I started on Windows 3.11 back in the day, followed by Windows 95 and I didnt move to 98, until its final iteration Windows 98 SE, which was probably the best and most stable build of the 9x OSes. Lets not talk about the failure that was Windows Me.
When Windows XP in 2001 came out I was intrigued, built from the NT based OS so it should of be quite stable, but I wasnt  fully convinced.
I was happy with my Win 98SE system at that time and it wasnt until the release of SP2 3 years later that I made the change to XP. And I have been happy with my system ever since.
2005 marked the release of Windows Vista, a new OS built from the grounds up, quite different from what Microsoft had offered before but sure it was pretty, but it ran like turtle, in a time where computers are getting faster and faster it didnt make sense that your OS just slowed your machine up. So naturally I steered away from this OS too.
However when Microsoft unveiled Windows 7, they promised a system which looks like Vista, but ran like XP. Of course I was intrigued and maybe a little excited. And I even got to try out an early build of the OS.
And I had to say I was quite impressed.

Recently Osamu got a new computer, and of course it came with Windows 7. So I was quite excited to have a chance to play around with his computer.
The thing is that he ask me to install CS4 in his computer, now Adobe says it is compatible, but I have had a hell of a time installing Photoshop and I finally managed to install Illustrator, after one day of trying!
I guess not all programs are fully compatible yet.

So it got  me thinking if I really should install it now or wait.
Well I have decided to take the plunge and install it. So thsi will be my last blog using a XP OS, next week I will have a nice and hopefully working Widows 7 computer.

Alex Auscarria

Computer Otaku

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