Meeting people and becaming friends

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As we mentioned sometimes here or other blog, our friend Osamu start selling Sandwiched for lunch time at Yado Cafe which is also our guesthouse office.

He is one of my friend since 1999. We met each other at cheap hostel in Paris and spend good time with other friends there. We had been keeping touch, and now, we are kind of collaborating for each job. He was saying that he wants to have his own shop in 10years, then made it come true.

I feel it is really interesting that meeting someone in abroad especially like in hostel. I`ve got many people when I was traveling abroad, and some of them are still good friends. So I also hope our guesthouse can be the place like that and our guests meet someone will be good friends.

Osamu offer us discount coupon for our guest. So please try his sandwiches with reasonable price when you stay our guesthouse!!

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