Hawaiian Burger

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 Being a Makku fanatic I just had to try the new burger in McDonald's Big
America line up. This time around is the Hawaiian burger.

This burger consists of a grated cheese topped  bun with one beef
patty,  one egg some bacon, cheese and lettuce. Which at this point
sounds like a great burger but then they go and wreck the burger with
this 'Loco Moco' sauce, which is supposed to be the flavor of a
traditional hawaiian dish.

The problem is that this sauce is trying to be spicy and at the same
time sweet, but fails miserably at both.

What this burger is.....confused! Yes thats the word for it!

Similarly our taste buds are confused and so I cannot really tell if
this is a delicious burger or not. That is failure in my books folks!

And it looks like I am not the only one who thinks this. The other
burgers (Texas and NY) were so popular that each restaurant made only
limited amounts of each, and they were sold out quite quickly. Not so in
the case of the hawaiian burger.....they even made a special dinner set
so they can sell the hawaiian burger.

McDonald's the public has spoken! And it isnt happy! Whatever happened
to your taste tasters on the day you were making this burger? They were
on stike because you didnt pay them enough? Or perhaps their taste buds
were so confused that they didnt know whether this burger was good or not
and said it was good to save face.

Whatever the case this burger was a total failure! And at the premium
price you need to pay for these 'special' burgers I suggest you stay
away from them.

My image of a hawaiian burger is one with a pineapple slice in it....but
oh well.

I am eagerly awaiting the next burger next week.....

Alex Auscarria
Makku Connoisseur.

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