NHK Studio Park

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I went to NHK Studio Park which located in Shibuya area last week. For the entrance fee cost 200 yen. It's a very interesting place!

When you enter the place, they have someone holding the video camera, and you will show on their big screen! The other one person will say something as a reporter. 

After go downstairs, you will see a TV show program area. You can join with them,  it's kind of music show, and they have some special guests come to have a sing. In this area, you cannot take photo! Also, you have to turn off your mobile phone!

You don't need to worry about where you should go to see first! You just need to keep going, then will find the way you should follow!

Below's photo is for the voice recording area, you can do that for the animation and TV drama, most of the choice are in Japanese, only one or two in English... Also can two people do the recording in the same time, it's like a conversation. After you done, you can hear what you said before. Very interesting, right! 

In this area, you can try to be an anchor, After you done, they will give you a small gift.

Domo kun, the brown one, very famouse in NHK!

Yep, it's my trip in NHK Studio Park last week! Nice place, and had lots of fun! After here, you can go Shibuya for shopping or night life. Or, Harajuku would be a good choice too!

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