Tokyo DisneySea

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 I went to Tokyo DisneySea Park with my friends. I had lots of fun and had a great time! We arrived the TokyoSea Park around 10AM, and we stayed almost 12 hours there. A little bit crazy, but I'm HAPPY!

Before I leave from my home, the weather was not so good, it was a raining day. After we arrive the station which near the Disney area, it just stop raining. And can see the sun in the sky, start to getting HOT...

We were watch the amazing show in front of the Disney's volcano.
Look! Micky and Minnie!
Tokyo Disney Sea

Chip'n Dale, they are dancing!
Tokyo Disney Sea

In the evening time, we just find the other side in the park. But we don't have enough time to check what's this... too bad...
Tokyo Disney Sea

Ohhh, the other important thing is the fireworks show! But I don't have fireworks show's photo... Because, it was a small raining before the show...

If you have the time, I suggest you should go to Tokyo DisneySea. Tokyo DisneyLand is good for children, and Tokyo DisneySea is more better for adlut!

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