Kurumed Coffee in Nishi-kokubunji

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I went to Nishi-kokubunji on monday for an kind of bussiness meeting.
It was first time for me to visit there. I only saw south side around the station, and I felt it`s organized bed town.

I met people in Kurumed  Coffee where is about 1min walk from the station. And I was so surprised about that kind of cafe is existing there!

I love cafe, it`s special time for me to spend the time with just reading or thinking nothing with tastey coffee.

I thought it would be great if this kind of cafe is in Nakano. But I also thought this cafe is beautiful since it`s here in Nishi-Kokubunji.

Kurumed Coffee↓
Only in Japanese.

I will deffenetaly go there again when I have private time!

I know normaly when someone travel abroad, not going to cafe just having coffee. But if you love to have relax time, I reccomend to go there!

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