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 I went to the Yebisu Beer Museum yesterday. This museum is in the Yebisu Garden Place where near the Ebisu Station. From the station, you can use the Yebisu Skywalk to go to the Garden Place.

The entrance of the Beer Museum. You can see two big cans of beer.

I attended the 40-minute Yebisu tour.
The tour start from the Yebisu Gallery area, they showed us some old pictures and some bottles of beer they produced before.

After the gallery area, they took us to their Communication Stage for the beer tasting! At first, they explained how to make beer, and show some pictures to let us find the different between two. Then, they gave us one glass of beer to taste. Also told us some interesting things in the same time. Like for Cheers, we have to say, Yebisu~  After the first one beer, they gave us the second one to comparing two varieties of Yebisu.

It was a really nice and interesting tour in Yebisu Beer Museum! The tour in gallery area is FREE. And only 500 Yen, you can taste two varieties of Yebisu beer! If you like beer so much, then you must visit this museum!


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