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 Yesterday my girlfriend sent me some pictures of Finland's current winter scenery.

It is completely white!! and so beautiful

We we having such good weather lately that I didnt think it will be snowing anytime soon. But low and behold it snowed today, and it is still snowing...

This is a picture taken close to my place.

There isnt so much snow now but Im sure there will be more tomorrow morning. But Tokyo's snow is  nothing compared to Finland's white landscapes.

For me, coming from a hot country like Australia, snow is a rare event. So I am always excited when there is snow.
The only thing is that for it to snow it needs to be cold and I am not particularly fond of the cold, so althought I like the look of snow, I cant stand the cold.....kind of like a love/hate relationship....
oh well you cant always get the best of both worlds.

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