Floor Renovated!!

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We are still doing renovation of our office and cafe space.

We had done the floor last week, and it looks really good! We are doing almost everything by ourselves with low cost,  so the floor was one of the big things for us. I asked my friend he is architecture to make it good and reasonable, and he thought me the way that we tried.

It costs us 1/4~1/5 than that we buy the floor which already made for it. I was thinking it would be bit cheap looking when I was imagine after my friend thought that idea. But now we are really surprising it looks very nice and has also nice hand made atmosphere. I personally love it.

Many of people say it must be so hard to renovate by ourselves. Yes, it is hard sometimes, but at the same time it is fun too. I feel good to make something by hand and feel great when it is done. Also, we would love to try to make the prices for the costumer reasonable. So it is necessary for that reason to do by ourselves as much as possible too.

We are targeting to renewal open on the 22nd of this month.
We are looking forward to having nice french style sandwiches here soon!!


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