New York Burger

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 Last week McDonald's released the 2nd burger in their 'Big America' line up. This time it is the New York burger.
Of course being a Makku lover I was  the first in our office to try it.  

Impessions: still small like the Texas burger and expensive for what you get but it has a nice tangy sauce to go with it which makes is good and healthier bread( at least it appears to be).

Well I like it better than the Texas burger, but as it really isnt value for money (in a quater punder or a Big Mac set you get more for your money,plus it is cheaper!). But it is good to try once or twice, if you get the chance as there are limited numbers made each day. 

New York Burger in all its glory

Alex Auscarria
Makku Connoisseur.

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