Weird and wonderful Drink flavors of Japan

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 Last week while taking a break from the renovations Mari went to the convini and bought everyone drinks. When she came back, she had bought some normal drinks plus a strange drink which no one really wanted to try. It was Chocolate Sparkling drink.  Since I usually like to try new things, I was the one left with the mysterious bottle.
When I took a sip, it was really like drinking Chocolate with added carbonated bubbles and I though it was good, but really soon I became sick of it and did not want to drink it any more, although I forced myself to finish it by taking small sips of it every so often I never managed to finish it.

Which got me thinking of all the weird and original flavors of drinks there is in Japan. Some are great while others are not.
Fanta in Japan has quite a variety of flavors depending on the season and also some limited edition flavors too. Funny thing is that the most common Flavor in most parts of the world is Fanta orange, while in Japan it is Fanta grape.

Pepsi also releases some limited edition flavors from time to time, a couple of month back they had Azuki (sweet red beans) flavored Pepsi and it was pinkish red, it didnt taste much like cola or azuki beans.It was ok I suppose, but nothing too special. A couple of months back there was Pepsi Shizo, which was green and horrible at that... Shizo is the green leaf that usually comes accompanied with sushi sometimes. I dont like Shizo myself so it figures that I didnt like the drink, but I know some people that loved it.
The other day at a convini, I saw another strange concoction, vinegar milk drink with some fruit( i think it was apple or something) but Vinegar and milk!!! that doesnt seem so good, I wanted to try it but my stomach wasn't  feeling so good fter some heavy drinking the night before so I was sure that that drink wasn't going to help my situation....
A quick search on the internet revealed quite a few weird drink which have been made in Japan. There was a ice cucumber Pepsi in

A cheese drink, beer milk from a brewer in Hokkaido and many more.

Of course, all these weird flavors make me want to try them all....well most of them anyways. But when it come down to it Ill be sticking to the normal  drinks thank you very much Japan!!

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