Once a city boy always a city boy!

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2 weeks ago I went to visit my brother, who recently moved to Yuuki, Ibaraki for work.
Now it took me 2 and ahalf hours to get there and when I arrived at the station I was greeted with a plain old nothing......
Where were the people, the noise of the city, and it was very dark too and so I realized that I wasnt in Tokyo anymore.

It was 5 oclock and most of the shops had already closed, the streets were dark with only a few illuminated spots and it just felt like a ghost town.
We went to the nearby 'supermarket' to get some things for dinner.  But instead of a supermarket we had to go to a big drugstore, which had a small selection of grocery items.
The day after I decided to explore the town a little, and I realized one that one, you need a car or at least a bicycle to get around to most places and two, there isnt much here. So I went to the the next bigger city Oyama, which is actually in Tochigi prefecture.
Oyama, resembles a city like I know, however it is very small and yet there a re no people. Sure it has a 7floor shopping mall with a cinema and even a 2floor Donkihote but outside of that there isnt much.

Normally when people think of Japan, they think vast cloudscapes and concrete jungles, but outside of the major cities like Tokyo and Osaka there is a bunch of country and nothingness.

Coming from the biggest city in Australia, which is small in comparison to Tokyo,  I have always loved to live in big cities and I quickly fell in love with Tokyo. The people, the noise, the lights, the ability to have almost whatever you want at any given time, it is just so great.

Yes I am a city boy, and I dont think I can survive living in a place like Yuuki. I feel sorry for my brother.......

Then again, there are some good point about living in the country. as there isnt much to do you can save a lot of money, also since there arent so many foreigners it is a good chance to pick up on the language quickly.
Well just as long I have a good internet connection and a TV, perhaps it wouldnt be so bad to live in the country......

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