Renovating our office and cafe space

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 We are renovating our office and cafe space now. It looks better now after we changed the position of counter. We are planning to finish the renovation by the middle of next month, and then our friend "Osamu" will make sandwich for the lunch time.

As I work for Guesthouse, we always need to fix or do a lots of carpenter work  by ourselves. So now, I fell like I can build a house by hand. It`s great to know how to do that kind of job and it makes life more fun. But when we have to do this everyday for a while, my body getting really tired. So I think the carpenters are really strong.

Anyway, the cafe space will be much nicer, so I hope more people come and have a nice time after renovation.

I am writing this after carpenter job, so actually I cannot think too much today.. uh.

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