New year`s day at Tetsugaku-dou Park

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Happy new year!!
I hope everyone  had a nice new year days.

I had one day off on the 1st, and had a really traditional Japanese new year day that just sleep a lot, relax and eat

And also I went to Tetsugaku-dou Park which is 20min walk from Nakano station (Nakano is the place where YADOYA Guesthouse is located).

Tetsugaku means philosophy in Japanese.
Dr. Enryo
 Established this park for mental training and Education by the philosophy world is visually expressed in Meiji period.
So there are many intersting old style Japanese buildings or temples and also statueof apparitions etc.
It is very peaceful and also we can think about philosophy or something from deep inside of our heart.

There are also new sculpture made by Hungarian artist and sculptor "Wagner Nandor".
The sculpture call "Garden of philosophy".
And the sculpture is composed of three circles as follows:
First circle: "Abhraham", "Ekunaton",  "Christ", "Buddha", "Laozi",
Second circle; "Bodhidharma", "Mahatma Gandhi", "St. Francis",
Third circle; "Prince Sh?toku", "Justinian", "Hammurabi".

It was really beautiful than I expected. Actually, it was so great. I could have a peaceful new year day.

Here are some photos of Tetsugaku-dou Park and Garden of philosophy.
Tetsugaku-dou ParkTetsugaku-dou ParkTetsugaku-dou ParkTetsugaku-dou Park

On the way back home, I stop at Araiyakushi temple.
There were so many people for pray for safety or some whishes for one year.
I usually do it too, but I was planning to going to Mitake Shrine for pray next day, so I just ate Takoyaki there!
Araiyakushi Hatsumoude

I recommend to go to Tetsugaku-dou Park and also Araiyakushi Temple if you come to our guesthouse or around Nakano area! Please ask Mari about more information if you wish.

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