What is a "travel"?

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This is Toshi with Yadoya Guesthouse.

I've been working at Yadoya 8 years and also have 20 years of experience in trading business. It means I had been traveled many time many place. but every time I abroad I had "The purpose".

I go somewhere with some purpose, and complete it and back. Not only business trip, even vacations, go somewhere to see some or to do some.

I thought "Travel" is something like that.

But, working at Yadoya Guesthouse I met a lot of travelers and some of them are really strange.

For example, stay whole day in his room and go out just for buy something to eat and one day gone. or Come to office everyday to use internet many hours and chating with friends at his home town long time.
or play games whole day. Sometime I want to ask them why are you traveling? You can do it at home.

Travel has no rule. everybody can travel their own way.

But I want to say following word, It from Argentinian Movie "El Viaje"(The journey).

"life is long journey, working hard and enjoy a lot, If you feel it was boring at the end of your journey, it is a sin"

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