Hachijo Jima(Island)

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This is Mari with YADOYA Guesthouse.

I would like to recommend some places in Japan which is not too famous (like Kyoto, okinawa..)  especially for people from abroad.

I went to small Island called Hachijo Jima last month. This Island is one of the city of Tokyo, and we can go by ferry or airplane. It takes only less than 1hour from Haneda airport (Tokyo) by airplane and one night by ferry, then we can get to totaly different world from Tokyo city.

It was first time to been there for me and it was great relax time. 
I was thinking it is great place for people who want to see the nature and life of small Island in Japan, also I heard it is great place for diving.
For me, I loved Onsen(hot spring) there. There is even free Onsen
hachijo jima photo
The milk Hachijo cow was really good!

hachijo jima photo
View from airplane of Hachijo Island.

My friend recommended to go to Anchor pub which owned by Australian and Japanese couple. But unfortunately it was closed when I visited there. I should come back and try there next time. 

The owner of Anchor pub made great English website about Hachijo-Jima. So please check it and think about Hachijo-Jima for your next trip!

The Anchor Pub→ 
English site of Hachijo-Jima→ 

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