Cheap Yakiniku for lunch? Yes! please!!

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This is Alex from Yadoya Guesthouse.
I am an Australian with Argentinian blood and, as I like to say, a Japanese heart.
I came to Tokyo,  about 5 years ago and although I havent been living in Nakano for all those years,  it was the first town in Japan that I have lived in, and so it has become like my second hometown. Or the home away from home.
There are many thing interesting and good about Nakano, conviniently close to major city centers like Shinjuku. Has both JR and Metro train lines, and there are many interesting shops and reasonably priced restaurants around the town.

Now, today Id like to speak a little about a restaurant wich I recently found.
Very close to the office there is a really nice Yakiniku restaurant. Yakiniku for those who dont know is probably best translated as Korean BBQ in English. It is a place where they serve you dishes of  sliced raw meat which you then cook yourself in the grill on the table. Pure genius if you tell me!

Normally these yakiniku places are rather expensive, as meat, especially beef can be expesive in Japan, but this little restaurant is quite reasonable. 

It is especially cheap during lunch time, 500yen for one dish of meat, rice adn all you can eat kimuchi and other pickled vegetables, ( I recomend the moyashi(bean sprouts). You can then order another dish for only 250 yen extra!
Of course you cant get all the cuts during lunch time, but there are quite a few to choose from. Usually I would order 2 dishes so it will end up costing me 750 yen for lunch, a bargain price if you tell me!

Lunch time is from : 12:00- 14:00
Althought I dont know the address of the place,
you can find it by going away from the station, South exit,  towards the Post office. It would be the street parallel to Nakano street.
The Yakiniku restaurant is directly opposite to the game center and next to a  takoyaki shop,  go down the stairs to the basement floor.

If you have any questions about this restaurant, other places to eat  or would like to know more about Nakano, then please leave a comment below or ask  for Alex at YADOYA Guesthouse!

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