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This is mari with YADOYA guesthouse.
I moved to Tokyo about 10years ago and working in YADOYA for almost 8years.
I met many people from all over the world at YADOYA, and they went to travel around Japan, mainly, Kyoto or some major cities.
I`ve been thinking if I could let people know about my home town in the future.  So today, I just put one photo on this blog.

This is a photo of Irago Misaki which is in Aichi prefecture. It`s about 50km from my hometown, and I visited there with my families and friends 2-3times in every year when I was small. It is so beautiful place and there is also beach called Koijigahama the famous place for the couples.

Please ask Mari at YADOYA Guesthouse if you would like to know about the place!

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