Soushoku-kei Danshi

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 I saw the news on TV, and heard young generation in Japan now getting
quiet and many of them are not interested in going abroad even if they
got a scholarship or living cost from school.

These days, people
start call young quiet boy "Soushoku-kei danshi". They are not so
interested in hunting girls, shopping, or anything which usually young
boys like. They are just satisfying with living in little society and
not prefer to have a communication with other people.

guesthouse have many guests from all over the world and they are having
fun to be in abroad. So I personally think that going abroad or to have
communication with other people who have different culture make young
people(even not young people) to have far-sighted.

Of course
the other way, to think deep inside of heart is also important. But
unless when we live in the human society, we need to live with someone
on this world. Especially now these days, this world became smaller and
smaller. So I think it`s getting more important to make a balance
between one person and the society of this world.

Anyway, I feel
little sad young people are not interested in going abroad these days.
Because of that I had a lots of fun and beautiful memories when I went
for traveling or living in other country.

I hope more people get interested in going different world and feel different culture.

And also I want to go somewhere again soon...

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