Cherry blossoms more and more!

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 I wrote about the cherry blossom last time, and again cherry blossom today.

When we say cherry blossom "Sakura", normally people are automatically think of one kind of cherry blossom call "Somei-Yoshino".

 cherry blossom Somei-yoshino

But there are many kind of cherry blossoms, and I saw "Jindai-Akebono" today in National theater in Hanzomon.  It`s little more pink than Somei-Yoshino and bloom earlier.

Cherry blossom Jindai Akebono
Jindai Akebono

So if you come to Tokyo or Japan in spring time, please enjoy many kind of Sakura.  Normaly, we as an Japanese have a party with Somei-Yoshino. That is why people think Sakura is gone in a week or little more. But if you would like to enjoy beautiful flowers, that season is much longer with other Sakura.

But of course, it is good to see "Hanami"(people drink under the Sakura) as an experience if you come just on time. Please try to talk to them, I believe most of people are so friendly to you!!

Our "Hanami" will be on the 4th of April.
Please join us and let`s have a fun!!

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