Cherry blossom!! and Hanami season

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 There is a one cherry blossom tree which bloom earlier than the other trees in Hanzomon. I check that tree yesterday, and it`s already blooming little

The season of cherry blossom will come soon, and Japanese people start to be excited it day by day. We start talking when the cherry trees are fully bloomed.

It is one of the most exciting season here in Japan, not because of cherry blossom since the new fiscal year will start from April. So many of people starts new thing, like school or job.

I think we will be able to see or join Hanami soon maybe sometime nextweek. So please try to go to the park and enjoy cherry blossoms and Japanese Hanami!!

We as an YADOYA Guesthouse are planning to have Hanami Party on 4th of April at Arai-Yakushi Park. Anyone welcome for that party

We will write the notice on our YADOYA blog later about the our Hanami Party, so please check it!!

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