California Burger

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So once again its time for another burger review,yes I know you are probably tired of them but I promise this will be the last one....maybe)
This time around its the California burger from McDonald's Big America line up, actually the last one to be released.

After the disaster that was the Hawaiian burger, I wasnt expecting much of this burger but I was pleasantly surprised.

This burger consists of a beef patty with a slice of tomato, lettuce bacon Monterey Jack cheese and a special red wine sauce

At first bite of this burger I thought it was quite bland, but as bit into it more I realised what it was it had a subtle flavour to it. The Sauce especially was kinda good and fresh, while the cheese had a more mellow flavour compared to the normal cheddar McDonald's uses for its burgers.

I wouldnt buy this burger again though because it is slightly more expensive than the normal menu ones but if you dont like the strong flavour of the normal burgers and prefer a more subtle and fresh tasting burger than this one is for you.

This burger is a nice ending to the big America round up, I enjoyed them all, well except for the Hawaiin burger.....what was McDonald's thinking when they made that one.....We I guess they cant be all winners!

Alex Auscarria
Makku Connoisseur.

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