Best Burger in Tokyo?

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 Yesterday I experienced possibly the best burger in Tokyo.
This burger can be found in a little burger shop hidden away in a backstreets of Shimokitazawa. 

Frisco Charcoal Grill Burgers  

Frisco is owned and run by a nice Japanese man who has spent part of his life in San Francisco, Nicked named 'Mike' so he speaks English fluently.

Mike at work in his relatively small but cozy restaurant.

The restuarant itself is quite small and tight fitting around 8 people max. But it has a homemely feel to it.

The Burgers are so delicious and big, the patty  is perfectly seasoned and charcoal grilled, together with a American style sesami topped bun and fresh sliced tomatoes, onions and lettuce makes for a perfectly balanced taste.
The burgers are pricey but worth evey yen.

If you have a craving for some delicious American style charcoal grilled burgers and you are around Shimokitazawa try Frisco's burgers, you wont be dissappointed!!

Review of Frisco:

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