Mitake, beautifule sceanary in Japan

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On the 2nd and 3rd, we went to Mitake to visit our friend Mr.Yoshimura and spend the night at his traditional old Japanese house which is 150years old.


I had been missing country side and nature soooo much, since I did not have time to escape from the city for while.

 Actually, I grow up in Toyohashi city (Aichi) which is not very country side but still peaceful if we think about big city like tokyo. and my father took me to Taguchi, Kitashirara-gun to visit our uncle and aunt every year at new year and Obon season(Summer holiday).

Taguchi is in the mountain, and there is small village. I don`t know really well, but I think less than 50families including a Temple was living there. So yes! it is very small village.

There is a beautiful river, mountain, so much nature. I really loved going there to see all the nature and stars in the sky. I visited many beautiful place in this world, but I can say one of the most beautiful place is Taguchi for me.

After I left my hometown, I heard the uncle and then aunt past away. So it became last time visited when I went back to hometown temporally  after I came back from long journey.

I am still remember there sometimes, and thinking I would love to visit there again. But  I heard that previous govarment decided to make a dam there. So  I don`t know what`s going on. I remember well, there are a lots of sign says "No dam!!"

There are still a lots of beautiful place, nature, scenery in Japan. I hope I can see these scenery when I have time to travel more in Japan. Also I hope more people from abroad can share with us this beautiful Japanese nature!

"Going Mitake" was one of our event for our guest to see and get experience  of life in country side in one part of Japan.  We are thinking to keep planning this event with Mr. Yoshimura. So maybe you are the one going with us next time

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