The Japanese Proficiency Exam

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 Last Sunday I had the fortune, .. or is that misfortune, of taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 2(JPLT2).  A test which measures your ability of the Japanese language. 
Of course with lack of study and preparation for it, it was natural that I found it hard.

Now I am almost quite certain that I didn't pass, but as the test is all multiple choice, there is a slim chance that I may have passed, here's hoping.

Having said that, it was an interesting and informative day for me as it was the first time taking a test in  Japan and also it was the first time I was inside a University.

One thing that came out of this day was that I realized that the actual exam int really that difficult, with the right preparation and time to study of course.

And so I have posted some useful links below which someone taking the test next year might find useful in preparing for the exam.

All the information you need on the JPLT

A great site with links to almost all the past exams to date, you can also find the listening part sound files.

A site dedicated to the Japanese proficiency test, for levels 4-2

Also if you have a Facebook account, have a look at the Kanji Box application.
A good application to help you learn the needed kanji for the exam.

One last note, next year they will be changing the format a little.
There will be 2 new levels introduced, so from the lowest level to highest it will be:  4, 3, 3.5, 2, 2.5 and 1.

Good luck with the exam next year!!

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