Salt: Tokyo's Australian Restaurant

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Last week on the 24th, I decided to do the whole Japanese Christmas thing and took my girlfriend to a restaurant, normally it is common for couples to go to a French restaurant during Christmas eve, but I decided to be a little different and went to an Australian restaurant.
Some of you may ask (me including), what is an Australian restaurant, and since I am Australian I needed to find out.

Now, Australia is one of the youngest countries in the world and so its food culture is still been developed. Since Australia is home to many nationalities, there has been a growing trend of 'fusion' restaurants. In these restaurants the dishes consist of a mixture of different foods and ingredients of different parts of the world.

Salt is one such restaurant, owned by Australian chef Luke Mangan and located in Tokyo. As its name suggests it main theme is that of salt, namely pink salt from Australia's Murray River and is a fusion of Japanese tastes with western tastes.

It was the first time to go to a really fancy restaurant, and it was Australian, which I was quite proud of, as restaurants in Australia aren't  usually considered to be classy those of like Tokyo or Paris.

We were served a 6 course meal, and everything was extremely delicious, small and expensive, all the staples of a good and expensive restaurant.
The food was small but it was filling, by the end of the 4th course we were both grabbing our stomachaches and gasping for air and needed to take a break from eating. Sorry I didn't event think of taking any pictures as just by looking at the food it was gone in an instant.

The restaurant itself was decorated beautifully with pictures of the Australian outback hanging on the walls and a nice view out the Tokyo Station and surrounding buildings while the front of the restaurant is framed by two columns of pure pink rock salt. It is a sight to see.

Although, dinner can get very expensive, lunch tends to be  a little more reasonably priced. I would recommend to go to Salt so that you can see what Australia's  food cuisine is becoming like.
Australia's future food culture is becoming a promising one!!

Below is the site to Salt restaurant, many part are still under construction but you can get some important info from it.

Ramblings from a hungry Australian,

Alex Auscarria

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