"Pieces and bits IN TOKYO" by Aki

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We are in the season called "BANSHU/Late autumn" in Tokyo.
Autumn in Tokyo of this year is later than usual.

It is such a cozy season to take a walk with jacket on or/and with Muffler.

The sky is so high with clean pure blue.
The air is mighty fresh.
Walking on the pavement is like a listening a classic music since fallen leaves makes lovely sound like a rustling of silk clothes.

The colorful leaves around you are waving at you.
They are welcoming you as their friend.

What a beautiful yellow leaves of the ginkgo tree have.
Ginkgo is particularly friendly on fall.

Ginkgo is the tree of Tokyo city.
It is officially appointed as the tree of City of Tokyo 1966.

I believe with Ginkgo tree, one of the bet place to visit in Tokyo is Meiji Jingu Gaien (Meiji Jingu Outer Garden)
     Meiji Jingu Gaien

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