Hatsumakku - A new tradition during the New Year's Holiday

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Part of celebrating the New Year in Japan means paying attention to the "firsts" (Hatsu in Japanese) of the year.

Hatsumoude for example is the first visit to a shrine in the New Year. Normally the locals would go to a shrine on New Year's eve judt before the start of the new year and pray for a good year. Be warned, there will be a lot of people going to shrines tonight, but it is also common to go to visit a shrine during the oshogatsu(New Year) holiday 1st - 3rd as well to try to avoid the huge crowds of the 31st.

Other "Firsts" include:

THe first sunrise viewing of the year.

The first shopping sales of the year.

The first tea ceremony of the year.


The first dream of the year, said to fortell a person's luck in the coming year.

With all these "firsts" traditions, I have decided to create my own:

The first Mcdonnalds Big Mac meal of the year.  To make it a proper first I would need to lne up before 12am tonight and take the first bite of the burger at excatly New Year's day. But since this might be quite impossible I would settle for eating the burger from the 1st - 3rd to make it a valid First.

If KFC in Japan has the market cornered during Christmas, I can see McDonnals having the oshogatsu holiday market share. Maybe I should approach the higher ups of the company with this wonderful idea!! Think about it Hatsumakku coupons etc....I can be a millionaire with this.....or not!.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New year's Eve and all the best in the coming one!! 

Ramblings from a hungry Australian addicted to Makku

Alex Auscarria

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