Christmas in Japan

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Christmas season has came!
We also celebrate Christmas like Europe or US. But I think there is big difference from Western countries.

There are only about 1% of Christian in Japan, most of people are not christian. So we do not have any culture or reason to celebrate Christmas. And of course Christmas day is not holiday like Europe or US.

But everyone celebrate Christmas now to have fun. It is like one of the festival for non-christian people to celebrate.

Mainly, Christmas in Japan is for the couples. The couple go for having dinner to the nice restaurant and have a romantic night together.  And for families to have Christmas party at home and having dinner and Christmas cake. And normally Christmas cake is  strawberry shortcake like this ↓.
This cake is very typical cake in Japan, and if you ask to draw cake to the children, I think many kids draw this kind of cake.

For Japanese people, new year is more important than Christmas. So you will find difference when you walk around the city during Christmas season if you come from Europe or US.

It is fun to find difference of culture.

In YADOYA Guesthouse, we do not have any special event for the Christmas, but we are going have Nabe party on the 20th with our guests. Please join us if you are interested in!
About Nabe Party↓

Merry Christmas

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