Bounenkai Season

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Now, We can see a lots of drank people on the street in Tokyo.
Many of people drink and chat with friends and colleagues at the end of year, we call this Bounenkai.

Bounenkai means, if we translate literally,
"Gathering to forget everything which happened this year."

I already had some Bounenkai, and will have more and more Bounenkai till the end of year. Every year my liver is getting so tired in December by Bounenkai. And I am afraid of getting sick of alcohol...

But anyway,
Please look around the street or Izakaya(Japanese Bar) at night, you can find many Yopparai (drank people) by Bounenkai there. It is part of Japanese culture, so I think it is good to know that we are drinking to forget this year
I think we can do bounenkai and get so drank because of  it is so safe in Tokyo or Japan. We normally don`t have to worry about anything even if we got too drank and sleep on the train...someone will wake you up at the last stop

Why don`t you try bounenkai in Tokyo.
You may know part of Japan

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