A day at the brewery - Sake Festival

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Last Saturday I was invited to go to a very interesting event and Id like to tell you a little about it.
Every year with the coming of the new rice harvest, it is one of the only chances to taste the freshest  batch of sake.  As Japanese people love festivals, they have made a festival in order to celebrate the making of the freshest and newest sake of the year.

The Sake festival is held every year in the brewery house of the company called Seiryu, and came complete with yatai( little food stalls) performances and of course  the main event free sake tasting.

The entrance to The Seiryu brewery in Saitama

The busiest part of of the festival, sake tasting stall, luckily there was enough for everyone.

Behind the restaurants and Yatai, you can see the silos where the make and keep the sake.

Self Service sake? Yes please!!

This cask contained the the freshest sake just scooped up from the distillery silos. Cant get any more fresher that!

Performances included:

Some traditional folk songs fro Hokkaido played with Shamisens, I dont know why the lady is dressed as Santa claus, I guess to bring the Christmas spirit in everyone.


An eisa dance performance from Okinawa.

There were other performances as well such as taiko( Japanese drums) and a local singer from Saitama, sang old songs.
But of course, we were mainly interested in the free sake.

All in all it was a great day, and I would suggest to check it out next year if you have the chance.

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